Oregon Schools Foundation

What Is The Oregon Schools Foundation?                                                

The Oregon Schools Foundation is a not for profit organization which is a catalyst that brings local businesses and our community together to provide the best in educational opportunities for our children.  Through an established endowment fund from donations like yours, the Oregon Schools Foundation provides grants, as well as community resources, to support programs to enhance the educational experiences in our schools.


How Is My Donation Spent? 

Your donation is never spent, but invested.  The interest from this investment fund is used to supply grants to teachers for new and unique learning opportunities, which are not currently supported by our school’s tax based operating budget. These grants are designed to encourage creativity in the classroom, develop more effective methods of instruction, and reward imaginative teaching.  Your financial gift will continue to give to our school children for years to come.  


The Teacher’s Opinions Count!

Providing both human resources, through our senior citizen program, and financial resources through our grants, the Oregon Schools Foundation has helped our teachers educate our children.  Here are a few comments from our grant recipient teachers:

“I love being able to present new material that is relevant and meaningful to my students, the program not only increased my love of teaching, but increased my students love of learning.”

Janice Heller, Language Arts, Eisenhower Middle School 

“…this grant expanded on our reading instruction in a wonderful way…”

 Catherine Klewer, 2nd Grade, Jerusalem Grade School 

 “I feel like I was given a wonderful opportunity to build a classroom biography library, and to engage the students in a meaningful reading and writing based project, thank you very much!” 

Carolyn Hemsoth, Language Arts, Eisenhower Middle School 

“Boys night was phenomenal; we should do this in every middle school….” 

John Galyas, Social Studies, Fassett Middle School